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Hello, my name is Kyky, I am a private fitness trainer, in my free time I am interested in a local subculture called “Fixed gear”, which involves illegally riding track bikes without brakes in city traffic. Insolence, speed and dangerous driving are my protest against the authoritarianism of cars on the roads, as well as my tribute to the environment and reasonable consumption. After all, a bicycle is not only a means of entertainment or sports equipment, it is an individual exoskeleton that makes a person stronger, faster and happier. And I truly believe that sport is not only useful, but also aesthetically beautiful and sexy😜

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Welcome to our page Alice and Danny, We are a Real couple, and we broadcast our lives, how we live. You have a unique opportunity to peep into our private life, hehe! This is very interesting - that’s why our video calls are always available, Call and maybe you will be able to see what others haven’t seen! 90% of the time we are together! Every day you will be able to see something new! Don’t forget to give us 5 stars if you liked itSince we are a real couple, you can ask us any question you are interested in and we will answer you with pleasure. We also do our content not for money, but for the sake of interest and enjoyment! And we are glad to see you for entertainment in our room. Welcome to real people!

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Hello everyone and wellcome in my room ,Im Amelia or as they love to call me "Amy" , i m a woman full of energy and i love dancing ! all u must to know about me is that i m an angel 99%******* ah 1%is the part that u would love to discover ?!! Well darling, feel free to join me when im free!

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